We all need it!

A relieve, a resolution , a coming into balance from something that is bothering us on a physical, emotional, spiritual or soul level,

something is not right, 

something is not aligned, 

something hurts, 

some things that we want to do, we cannot do because of ‘it’, 

we don’t feel free, 

we don’t feel whole

 And often we don’t know how to come into balance, 

how to come in alignment with ourselves, 

how to heal the pain,

how to open a new door.

we know its there, but don’t know anything about it !

and often are very reluctant to want to explore the ‘it’

you have to be honest about where you are at, so you can land somewhere, without the landing spot you have no place to go.

Let’s just let it all go, 
all the ideas that you have about yourself, 
all the expectations,

all that you think needs to be different, 
all that you think needs to happen...

no more holding up of some kind of a person you want to be,
no more pretending to be another.
Just let it go.

 start loving now. 
It is a practice: 
loving what is

loving as you are,

loving your life,

just loving for the sake of loving, 
not because there is another, 
not because of others,
but because you can. 
And guess what ? 
You will receive all this love from your own heart, 
before it goes out into the world,

It will change you naturally,
and will open so many places of love within you, 
you are ready to become,

to become you, 
and when you are you,

you are everything,

You are connected to the field of love 
that lives in everything. 
— Let's just let it all go, Gisela Stromeyer
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The past, present, and future
 are constructions of the mind.

The heart only wants to love in the moment. 
If you can let go of your thinking of the past, the future, and even of the present, 
then you are here! 
To move from the past into the heart, forgive. 
To move from the future into the heart, trust.
To move from the present into your heart, breathe.
— Now, Gisela Stromeyer
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The greatest gift 
you can give yourself
 is to deeply feel inside and take time to find out what brings you joy, 

what is true for you. 

We forget!

We get swept away by the outer world of how we need to be in order to function.
We think it’s what we’ve learned, 
what everybody likes,

but if you listen deeply
in the space of not knowing

and are willing to wait until your inner timid voice comes forth and speaks

you are becoming yourself,

you are becoming real,

you are appearing,

then it’s time to make 

THAT happen, no matter what. “
— To become real, Gisela Stromeyer

And how do we deal with our life when it starts opening in ways we don’t like? 

The Wisdom of not knowing
Sometimes your life changes in an instant, you fall off a ladder,
 you get sick, 
you loose someone you love, or a veil is lifted from your life and for the first time
 you can see 

the truth about something
 you had wished was different.
The world you had built to make yourself comfortable is disappearing 
and you are feeling very uncomfortable and full of so many new questions and feelings. There is a faint feeling of gratitude 

because you think it could have been worse... and you have practiced to be grateful for your life. But the thoughts and feeling are intense
and they are very difficult to contain,
 they sometimes want to blame in anger 

or collapse in sadness, scream out in despair, and then there is 

love again.

An uncomfortable mix of feelings, emotions, and questions....

You are in need of a sanctuary,

a place where you are held,

a kind and containing energy,

so you can find your breath again,
the one that guides you with wisdom from this moment to the next,

in very small steps,

from moment to moment, 
because it becomes clear that you really don’t know,

and that the wisdom of your journey reveals itself in each moment 
of not knowing. “
— The wisdom of not knowing, Gisela Stromeyer

Healing requires exploration and an openness to something that you don’t know yet.


I would like to invite you on this exploration and may be my messages / poems can assist in pointing you into a direction, or stopping you in your habitual way of thinking about your life.


A small adjustment inside, a slight shift in perspective, has enormous ripples into the outer world, your life, your way of being.

What to do when there is so much change? So much is falling away and you don’t know yet What the new will be.
Who am I?
A voice questions within your being.
And what the hell am I doing here?
And it makes you nervous and anxious because there is no immediate answer.
You are in the in-between!
A place of great power,
hard to bear!
It challenges all your thinking,
It challenges all that you feel is not ok within you. It brings it to the surface.
In-between is a potent place,
it is the unformed magic
of what you are capable of creating in your life. Nothing to do,
nothing to hold onto.
You can only enter by leaving all behind
and you can only handle it
by loving yourself,
Love will be your protection,
healing, and will
ensure you are creating exactly what you need. So pet yourself,
tell yourself you are beautiful,
hold your heart and your belly,
talk in a soft loving way
so the small part within your being hears you and starts trusting you. Call to all your friends, in body and not,
to help you create this new phase in your life. “
— In between, Gisela Stromeyer
Our creations unfold all the time. It is just not always to our liking and often we are not aware 

we are doing the creating. Our own creating
stays hidden from us.
We put it outside
and pretend it is happening to us. But the act of creating always happens inside.
It is our responsibility
to participate
with consciousness. “
— Creation, Gisela Stromeyer

we need each other,

difficult experiences help us open!



When we loose someone we love, it hurts
We have merged with the other in communion
and it is hard to let go.
Grieving is a powerful process of letting go, and, yes, there is also the habit of having the physical company
and love in one’s life,
A gap opens,
a space that all of a sudden is un-occupied and you find yourself still wanting to act
in the same way
as if nothing happened
and bump against the emptiness. If you feel full
then the emptiness will feel rich and when you feel empty yourself, then it feels lonely.
But remember the gap is precious,
the emptiness rich, and new life will come. Just sit with me in the dark gap of what is
and love will flow again. “
— Loss
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and most important

...and what if you wake up in the morning and you just really don’t like yourself? even the thought of feeling that,
makes you cringe.
and then you desperately search for somebody to love you, to prove you wrong.
how come there is so little love inside?
why was it not planted like a beautiful seed
and how can you think
it’s outside
and keep relentlessly trying to get it from someone.
just start planting inside, you have the seed, it’s in your own belly, it’s in your own heart,
it’s everywhere inside you,
you just have not looked.
and all existence will love you back, the trees,
the water,
the sun,
the wind with the soft touch, the animals and
also the humans
but love will be different then and your heart will be light. “
— Love, Gisela Stromeyer


The food I need.
Please, please be yourself ! So I can love you ! Don’t try on other skins to ensure love, thinking this, thinking that, about yourself.
If you are not you, there is no place for my love. It will never be able to enter. And so,
how can we love each other?
And then again,
I remember that love just is, and does not need
a place.
— The food I need, Gisela Stromeyer

With so much gratitude for life itself, for  all that I have lived through and that helped me understand, for all my invisible and present friends, family

and you who are reading these words,

because we are all connected in one unfolding web of destiny and love.

Gratitude is the fuel,  love the content.


When you wake up in the morning
make a promise to yourself
that you will be a little
kinder today,
to yourself,
to others,
to the sky,
the air,

the water,

even the fire,

the animals and plants,
the life force in all things and see
 at the end of the day
what you have accomplished
and how you feel about the day.
— Promise, Gisela Stromeyer