We all had moments when we get up in the morning, looking out the window, inhale deeply and sigh. We just went through a challenge, a powerful life-changing event that shook us. We look in the mirror and wonder, what is this life about? Where is this journey taking me? What am I doing? Why bother? The answer to these questions and many others lies in this book of poems:

“Just Like That. “Gisela Stromeyer, take us on a journey through life, with the nonjudgmental observational purity of a child, one that doesn’t miss a thing; the fearlessness of warrioress, who faces the wind; the wizard who sees magic in everything; the priestess who elevates each mundane chore into a spiritual ecstasy, a lover who bewitches us to delve into self -love, and back to the child who embraces our journey with wonder and without questioning.

A full circle of the human voyage elevated, celebrated, rejoiced and embraced. Each moment a new, from observing water, its fluidity, honoring its form and substance and offering gratitude, to getting up and see the world as an endowmeant, and finding love inside to offer gratitude, be thankful for the presence of life itself.

With poems such as:


Today I am looking out of the window
I see the shadow that a tree casts in the sun. I love the pattern,
a weaving of light and darkness... Some things are always there,
like the shadow of a tree
when the sun is out and

Or this one:

some things always change in a movement. The wisdom is
to know what is what
and to go with the flow of the movement,

appreciating what is.

This morning

This morning,
I tell you, is special!
Like every morning, I would say. Let us make an effort to wake up,
to breathe our hearts out into the world, our bodies,
our life.
For we need more love inside
and out to balance all that is happening in our world.

I know Gisela Stromeyer, I feel like I have known her for many life times. I am privileged and grateful to have met a person who holds such a range of talents, abilities, and capacity to embrace, to create, to birth, to hold and to turn the mundane into Magic.

I sought Gisela years back on an advice of a friend. I was hurt, I was in pain, and I was looking to heal. I did heal largely thanks to her guidance, support and love, and to my bewilderment I discovered that there are people like her in the world, who elevates everything they touch, and anyone who cross their path.

I became aware over the years of her poetry, her writing, experienced her workshops, healing power, and her teachings. Each time I read or heard her, I felt empowered, more joyful, as if I just drank a magical potion, a healing substance, a remedy for the soul, a balm for the heart, words that lift the edges of my lips and forced the inner smile out .My encounter with her changed my life.


Everyone who meets her inevitably changes, gets elevated, healed, transformed, and gifted. Her presence is radiant; her laugh contagious, her heart is large, compassion unlimited which encompasses the pains of those around her. She knows pain intimately, she understands loss, and she experienced hurt. Gisela took the challenges life offered her and transmuted them into a legacy, not just for herself but for the benefit of all who comes in contact with her.

Gisela Stromeyer, is a renaissance women, a rare combination of tenacity, softness, brilliance, compassion, honesty, clarity, fragility, vulnerability, outer strength combined with inner power. My life was enriched, expanded, healed and so do the life of many souls who crossed her path.

Gisela is a light that shines where ever she goes, and this book is away for her light to travel without her physically needing to be present, a gift for me that I intend to share with my loved ones. For some time now, I felt that we should all benefit from her wisdom, her melody, her beauty and here it is. I am eternally grateful to have met such a beautiful human being and I am thankful to have had the honor to write the forward to her book of poetry Just Like That.”

Life is becoming exceedingly faster, more intense. We are asked to deal with so many more challenges than ever before, and none are simple. Life is complex spectrum of shades from the lightest to the darkest. Often, we get lost in the maze, where to go what to choose, how to best walk the path of truth of light and remain with our heart wide open and receptive. Gisela’s poems guide us back to the basics; she highlights the notions of beauty, which emanate from each experience, from each breath, her words act like a fulcrum, scaffolding, allowing us to remain centered. This book of poems, meditations, exercises, allow us to rest in the spaces between the words, a reprieve from the chase, she encourages us to slow down to look at everything with fresh eyes, to inhale and exhale with a new perspective, to self-inject love where it lacks, to Om, and call for peace when we are lost, to find the home we all yearn for in our own hearts, to accept and love ourselves truly.

With eternal Gratitude and love. Dror Ashuah